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  • New format MMZX
    More information: English

  • Innovations in the 7th version of MiraMon
    More information: Catalan (v 7.0), Spanish (v 7.0) or English (v 7.0)

  • Innovations in the 6th version of MiraMon
    More information: Catalan (v 6.1), Spanish (v 6.1) or English (v 6.1)

  • Innovations in the 5th version of MiraMon
    10 years after its first version, MiraMon introduces the version 5.
    More information: Catalan, Spanish or English

  • MiraMon topological files format
    More information: Catalan (v 1.3)

  • Specification of "DBF extended" format
    (includes the implementation "extended names")
    More information: Catalan

  • ArcSDE layers integration in the MiraMon relations schema
    More information: Catalan

  • How to create DSN files in Windows7 (via ODBC drivers), especially in the 64-bit version
    More information: English

  • Comunication messages between MiraMon and other aplications
    More information: Catalan

  • GPS, GIS and MiraMon
    Discover MiraMon GPS tools for real time navigating and track and waypoint download.
    More information: Catalan, Spanish

  • MiraMon Internet Map Publisher
    Publishing cartography on the Internet readable for free using MiraMon Map Reader.
    More information: Catalan, Spanish or English

  • MMZX Format Specification v1
  • MMZ Format Specification
    More information: English (v 1.0)

  • Structured polygons file types (POL) and digitization in MiraMon
    More information: Catalan

  • On-screen digitizing versus digitizer tablets
  • More information: English

  • Digitizing and topology building in MiraMon versus other softwares
  • More information: English

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