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This page is outdated. Pleae use https://www.miramon.cat/eng/Prod-LectorUniversal.htm
MiraMon Map Reader is a FREE GIS which allows the visualization, query and printing of maps published in the internet or in a CD-ROM. Maps need to be generated with the MiraMon GIS with a specific license called MiraMon Internet Map Publisher.
MiraMon Map Reader allows to explore geographically-based information which is distributed through internet of on CD-ROM. Information is released in a compressed format which uses the most advanced data compression algorithms and which can handle MiraMon maps and other documents. Maps, in digital format, can be queried by location (by clicking on any location the system will give us information on that specific location) and by attributes (the system can be queried to locate certain geographical element such as a water-treatment plant or a certain phenomenon such as all meteorological stations with a mean temperature below 5 degrees Celsius for the month of January). Maps can also be linked to any other type of information: text documents, spreadsheets, images, graphics, sounds, HTML pages, URL adresses or even other maps which in turn are linked to another microcosmos of information.

In contrast to many other GIS for the internet, its phylosophy is not that of providing a simple screenshot or a small selection of data but access to the complete data layers is given. The user can then explore the data, if desired, on the local computer as long as the user wishes to. The utilization of this compressed format allows to spare time and money both to the user and to the provider of information.

MiraMon Map Reader gives us access to all the information by a single mouse click though with a product with high functionality such as the MiraMon GIS

Security in the data is warranteed by a certification which is included in the compressed files (MMZ format) by the organization providing the data. MiraMon Map Reader checks for this certification before giving access to the data.

MiraMon Map Reader is a 32-bit application which runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista platforms. It is entirely written in ANSI C and has been developed by the team of Dr. Xavier Pons at the Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. The complete MiraMon GIS is currently being used by over 3200 users in 37 different countries. The principal applications of MiraMon have been in the environmental and natural resources field.

MiraMon GIS has had the support of the Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Environment of the Government of Catalonia. The development of the MiraMon Map Reader has decisively been supported by the Department of the Environment and started from previous designs and ideas on data distribution through the internet of the team of Dr. Xavier Pons.

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