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Download the Universal MiraMon Map Reader

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Inst_MMR.EXE v8.2e (17.6 Mb aprox. Act. 15-01-2020)

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  • What is MiraMon Universal Map Reader ?
  • Is a FREE distribution program that allows to visualize, query and print maps and layers in the local machine or that have been published on Internet or on a CD-ROM. The application directly opens many GIS raster and vector formats. It facilitates the distribuition of information over the Internet due to the reader also can pack and compress maps in MMZ format that can be distributed by email, web pages o exchanged in P2P systems. Also if can open certified maps that have been generated with MiraMon® with a specific licence called MiraMon Internet Map Publisher.

  • Platforms on which the MiraMon Universal Map Reader can run:
  • MiraMon Universal Map Reader is a 32-bit application which can be run under Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista and Windows 7 running in Intel or compatible (Cyrix, AMD, etc.) computers. There is also a MiraMon version for Windows Phone 6.5 and Windows Mobile.

  • What type of data can be read with MiraMon Universal Map Reader ?
  • It can show files with MMZ extension but also other raster (such as JPEG, TIF, IMG, JPEG2000, MrSID, ECW, etc.) and vector (SHP, DXF, DGN, GPX, GML, ARC, POL, PNT, etc) files. Tipically, MMZ files contain maps, but also any kind of electronical documents such as text files or spreadsheets. Maps may contain raster layers (aerial photographs, digital elevation models,...), vector layers (points, lines and polygons) and database tables (alphanumerical information).

    Once you have installed any MiraMon® product (being the MiraMon Universal Map Reader, the MiraMon standard version or the MiraMon Internet Map Publisher ), MMZ files can be opened just clicking on a hyperlink in an Internet HTML page.

    MiraMon Maps can include links to any other type of file, such as photographs, sound files, etc.

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  • Can I save to disk downloaded MMZ files?
  • YES. MMZ files contain, in a compressed way, all the necessary data to allow map visualizing and querying. Data can be saved in a compressed way for a later query (without being connected to the Internet) with a simple click or it can be uncompressed. Once it is uncompressed, the combination of layers can be opened through a non compressed map (MMM file). This way, it is also possible to open individual layers coming from this file or from another MMZ file, allowing the overlay of layers from different origins.

  • Do I have to download MiraMon Universal Map Reader every time I want to visualize a map from the Internet?
  • NO. You only need to download the MiraMon Universal Map Reader once and install it by executing the file INST_MMR.EXE. This application saves the program MM32.EXE in the local computer and registers the extensions in the Windows registry. You can leave MiraMon Universal Map Reader installed in your computer for future explorations of MMZ files in any web site which adopts this format for distributing cartography over the internet. You will only need to re-install the program when new versions with new functionalities are released.

  • Can I query raster layers and databases associated to vectors layers with this reader?
  • YES. With MiraMon Universal Map Reader it is possible to query by localization (what is this?, what is here?) and to query tha associated databases (Where does this fenomenon happen? Where can I find this thing?) both on raster and vector layers.

  • Can I print maps with MiraMon Universal Map Reader?
  • YES. With this reader you will be able to create high quality professional compositions. MMZ files can include the dessign of a composition that can be directly printed with option print clicking the right button of the mouse on the MMZ file. You can also insert maps in the most commonly used applications through the windows clipboard.

  • I am a MiraMon registred user. Do I need MiraMon Universal Map Reader to open certified MMZ files?
  • NO, with the complete version of MiraMon ALL the functionalities of MMR are enabled and, of course, the specific tools of the complete version. Remember that MiraMon complete version registred users can actualize for free all the new versions and capabilities of the program (MiraMon Upgrade Service (MUS)).

  • How can I generate MAPS (MMZ files) and distribute them for free on Internet?
  • You can generate MMZ with your own MiraMon Universal Map Reader. These maps will not have neither authority nor integrity certification but they can be opened by anybody with the Reader on MiraMon professional.

  • How can I get a licence of MiraMon or MiraMon Internet Map Publisher ?
  • Simply connect to https://www.miramon.cat and go to Price information and ordering. There you will find the prices, payment procedures and ordering information.

  • What is the difference between a MiraMon licence and a MiraMon Universal Map Reader licence?
  • MiraMon professional has Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System professional capabilities to generate and analize data whereas the Reader is only designed to visualize, query and print cartographical products.

  • What is the difference between a licence of MiraMon and a licence of MiraMon Internet Map Publisher?
  • The functionalities of both programs are identical with regard to Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing tools. The main difference is that MiraMon Internet Map Publisher can generate certified MMZ files. This files can then be published on Internet or on a CD-ROM and be read by any person having a free viewer MiraMon Universal Map Reader.

    However, standard MiraMon licences, can not generate certifyed MMZ files, although they can generate non-certified MMZ files. Non-certified MMZ files can be read by any user of MiraMon, but those having only the free MiraMon Universal Map Reader licence. So, MMZ files generated with standard MiraMon licence is useful to mount an intranet, so that all users can share maps (which have a high compression ratio). But it is not recommended to publish cartography in a public domain or in a CD-Rom, because users will not be able to read the maps (only if they have a licence on MiraMon or MiraMon Internet Map Publisher).

  • ...And, What do I really need?
  • If you are a simple internaut, just interested in visualizing, querying and printing high quality maps that have been gererated with MiraMon Internet Map Publisher, you will probably have enough to download for free the program MiraMon Universal Map Reader:

    If you are a person, organization, company, etc. interested in Cartography, Geographic Information Systems or Remote Sensing, probably you will be interested, for a little more the price of an University manual, to purchase a licence of MiraMon.

    If you are an Organization or Company interested in publishing maps of any type (topographic, images, etc) in Internet or in a CD-ROM, probably you may be interested in purchasing a licence of MiraMon Internet Map Publisher.

    General information on MiraMon and MiraMon Internet Map Publisher can be found at: https://www.miramon.cat Price information, payment procedures and ordering can be found at: https://www.miramon.cat/order