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Publish your maps on the Internet with one of these technologies:

MiraMon Map Browser

With this technology you can publish maps on the Internet and users will be able to access them simply and quickly via their usual web browser. It is extremely user-friendly and makes high-quality maps available even for very large areas. It has been developed to strictly conform to the standards established by the Open Geospatial Consortium (formerly known as OpenGIS).

It currently complies with Web Map Service and Web Coverage Service standards. It allows the user to view, zoom, pan, query by location, go to a specific place in a predefined list, download, access metadata, situation, create animations, etc. for one or more maps from a MiraMon server or from other manufacturers who support standard WMS and WCS requests. This technology comprises a map browser, a server and an application to enable you to create and manage your website.

  • The browser is a set of HTML files which are wholly configurable for position, fonts and colours. It includes Javascript code that is compatible with the majority of existing browsers (Internet Explorer 5.0 or later versions, Netscape 6.2 or later versions, etc.).

  • The server application is a CGI-type executable which can be directly installed on a web server for Windows (Internet Information Server, Apache, etc.). It is a very light and fast executable (most requests are answered in less than a second). This permits a large number of simultaneous users.

  • The configuration application for the browser and server make it possible to set most of the browser properties through a pleasant visual environment. It is also possible to control the layers that the server offers.

This technology is being successfully used for servers of orthophotos, satellite images, topographical maps, thematic vector maps, point sample maps, streetmaps, etc.

It is also possible to access your data via MiraMon Professional Version 5.1 and the MiraMon Map Reader with this technology.

This project was initially supported by the Supercomputation Centre of Catalonia (CESCA) as a Project of Advanced Communications. Many digital cartography servers that use this technology can be visited on the Internet. Other servers are part of Intranets or are available in libraries.

Technical specifications
MiraMon Web map servers
Catalonia Land cover Map
The world: Land cover, Elevations and Administrative Boundaries
Andorran Map Server

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Open Geospatial Consortium

A member of the Open Geospatial Consortium

Premi Möbius Internacional Multimedia

Special mention in the International Möbius Multimedia Festival 2000

MiraMon Map Reader

An Internet version of the MiraMon Geographical Information System. The Map Reader was officially presented to the Ministry of the Environment and Housing of the Generalitat (autonomous government) of Catalonia as a key tool for the publication of environmental information in Catalonia. The Map Reader is a free program that permits the viewing, query and printing of maps published on the Internet or on CD-DVD. The maps must have been generated by MiraMon Professional and accompanied by a specific licencing certificate called MiraMon Internet Map Publisher.

Information is supplied in compressed format, generated using the most advanced data-compression algorithms, which may contain MiraMon maps or other documents. The maps, which are in digital format, can be queried by location (clicking on any place tells us what there is there) or by attributes (we can ask the map to find a feature, such as a wastewater treatment plant, or a phenomenon such as all the meteorological stations with a mean temperature of below 5ºC in January). They may be linked to other kinds of related information, such as text documents, spreadsheets, images, graphics, sound, HTML pages, websites or even other maps. These may in turn be linked to other microcosmos of information.

Works with data in both raster and vector format; the vector data have a topographical structure.

In contrast to many other geographical information systems available on the Internet, the philosophy of Map Reader does not consist in giving a simple screenshot or a limited selection of data. It allows the data itself to be accessed so that the user may consult and make full use of it as often as necessary. Using this compressed format permits a saving of both time and money, which is to the advantage of the user and the organisation providing the data.

The Map Reader allows us to access all this information through a simple, though not simplistic, click, which is based on a high-performance product: the SIG MiraMon.

Data security is guaranteed by the certification included with the compressed files (MMZ format) by the entity supplying the information. The Map Reader checks for this certification before displaying the data.

A 32-bit application that runs on Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista platforms, it is entirely written in ANSI C, and has been developed by the team led by Dr Xavier Pons of the Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF). The SIG MiraMon is currently used by over 3200 users in 37 countries. The Generalitat (autonomous government) of Catalonia is the main user in terms of number of licences.

New features in the new version (v.7)

The new version of the Universal Map Reader of MiraMon includes the following features:

  • No demand of authorship and integrity certificate in MiraMon layers (of course, if the layer presents this certificate and it is invalid, the program warns about it like the Professional version).
  • Ability to open all formats and network data access ways to which access the MiraMon Professional.
  • Able to access tables in MDB, XLS or large databases via ODBC. With these extensions, the Reader then has the following properties, some of which already had before:
  • Universally free.
  • Lightweight and of quick installation.
  • Able to display and print in high quality and virtually any size of paper the majority of formats of GIS and Remote Sensing (MiraMon maps and layers [MMZ, ...], GPX, SHP, GeoTIFF, ...), raster and vector (with and without topology) as well as make queries by location, interactive and by attribute queries, make selections based on selected objects from other layers; geographic data can be linked to SQL tables and queries from large database managers via ODBC or to popular formats such as MDB or XLS.
  • For MiraMon formats, data security is also guaranteed by the certification included (if applicable) in the files by the author of the information, because the reader checks the integrity of the certificate before displaying the data and makes accessible to the user the name of the certifying body.
  • Able to access the same resources on the network that the Professional version (WMS, WMTS, ECWP, ArcSDE, etc.)
  • With a complete metadata editor (GeMM), linked to the data itself (not "free text" across) that complies with and expands international standards.
  • Able to export selections in new files (IMG raster, MiraMon structured vectors or VEC unstructured vectors of ASCII text) and to save view clippings of raster or WMS/WMTS.

  • MiraMon Internet Map Publisher

    In order to be able to publish cartography on the Internet that can be viewed free of charge with the Map Reader, it is necessary to acquire a licence for the MiraMon Internet Map Publisher.

    There are two ways to generate certified MMZ files, which can be published on Internet-Intranet or on CD-DVD and that may be accessed by the Map Reader:

    Occasional certification

    This option is suitable for the occasional publication of a small number of maps. In this case, you simply generate the maps you wish to publish (MMM files) with MiraMon Professional, convert them into MMZ files and send them to us by email or ftp, telling us what name you wish to appear as a certifying organization. We return them to you certified, unchanged and ready to be used on your HTML pages on the Internet or your Intranet or on CD-DVD.

    The certifications are sold in packets of 10 maps.

    Permanent certificate

    This option is suitable for the publication of an unlimited number of maps in your name. We send you the application that enables you to certify as many maps as you may need. In this case, no further interaction between us is necessary. This enables you to generate certified maps even dynamically on demand from an HTML form.

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    Map reader download
    CREAF Server
    DMAH server

    Servidors de mapes MMZ certificats
    Aquifers protected
    Checkpoints groundwater quality
    Network major rivers basins in Catalonia
    Network quality control manual surface water
    Vulnerable areas of nitrate pollution fro m agricultural sources
    1:50000 Watersheds
    Maps capacity - Vallès - La Selva - PST
    Maps capacity - Vallès - La Selva - NOX
    Maps capacity - Vallès - La Selva - CO
    Maps capacity - Barcelona - Maresme - SO2
    Maps capacity - Barcelona - Maresme - PST
    Maps capacity - Barcelona - Maresme - NOX
    Maps capacity - Barcelona - Maresme - CO
    Map of protection against light pollution (December 2007)
    Campaign 2006 road acoustic control
    Maps capacity - Vallès - La Selva - SO2
    Abandoned extractive activities (AEA)
    Extractive activities
    2009 CO2 Emissions (tons / year) in Catalunya
    Extractive activities in the public water
    Dumping points of wastewater treatment plants
    Recreational areas in natural areas of special protection
    Managers cattle manure
    Municipal waste managers
    Managers of construction waste
    Industrial waste managers
    Wastewater treatment plant
    Facilities for environmental education
    Centers of the Department of Medi Ambient i Habitatge
    Centers of the Department of Medi Ambient i Habitatge
    Geological heritage. Inventory of geological interest Catalunya
    Classification of land uses in Catalunya 1992
    Monumental trees
    Faunal and Floristic Interest Areas
    Geological base
    Municipalities with cattle trails
    Classification of land uses in Catalunya 2002
    Classification of land uses in Catalunya 1997
    Classification of land uses in Catalunya 1987
    Public offer firewood and timber
    Collisions with ungulates Highway in Catalunya
    Forest Protection Groups
    Map of crop and land use (Ministerio de Agricultura)


    Perimeters priority protection for forest fire prevention
    Municipalities with high fire risk
    Basic hazard map wildfires
    Flammability (v2)
    Public forests
    Hunting management areas
    Natural areas of special protection
    Cattle trails
    Plan for natural areas
    Free zones without death
    Fishing area controlled
    Area salmonids and cyprinids
    Potentially fishable rivers Network
    Trout gene pool
    Protection areas for birds in order to reduce the risk of electrocution
    Delimitation of the priority areas of reproduction, feeding, dispersal and local concentration of threatened bird species
    Areas ofr urgent action
    Natura 2000 network (LIC+ZEPA)
    Wind farms Plan of Catalunya
    Recovery plan for bearded vulture
    Habitats CHC50: Access 1:50,000 sheet
    Habitats of Community interest CHIC50: Access 1:50,000 sheet
    Habitats CHC50: Access code Corine habitat
    Habitats CHC50: Access unit legend
    habitats of Community interest in Catalunya (CHIC50): Access code HIC
    Average maximum temperatures
    Average t emperatures
    Average minimum temperatures
    Termic amplitudes
    Real solar radiation
    Average monthly temperature
    Climate type
    Average annual temperature
    Average monthly precipitation
    Seasonal rainfall regime
    Average annual rainfall
    Daily global radiation, mean annual
    Annual water deficit
    Evapotranspiration thermal and Potential regions
    Summer concentration of thermal efficiency
    Vectors for the 3rd edition sheets MCSC (polygons)
    Rasters by leaves MCSC 3rd edition (images)
    The 3rd edition of the MCSC by administrative boundaries (polygons)
    The 3rd edition of the MCSC by administrative boundaries (images)
    Main road network
    Urbanized area
    Hydrographic network
    Secondary road network
    Network railway
    Municipal Administrative Division
    District administrative division
    Depth contour
    Zoning altitude intervals
    Major watersheds
    Regional capitals

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