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This technology allows to take your maps on the Internet without users needing nothing more than his usual web browser. It is very easy to use and allows to offer high-quality and detailed maps. The Browser has been developed following the standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).


- HTML Pages with JavaScript support (open source) . Download the source code here
- The layers are overlapped in the viewing area.Resizing of the client area
- Support to styles and grouping of layers
- Geodetic coordinate system for the current coordinate and the scope
- Support to linear (m) and geographical (º) coordinates
- Layer control by user from the legend. Disabling of layers by scale range
- Support to different servers of different versions of WMS (to 1.3.0) simultaneously
- Support to transparency and semitransparency
- Downloading of MiraMon compressed maps (MMZ) of the complete current composition (WMS GetMap) for professional analysis of data in your GIS software. This mode allows to download raster and vector compositions with their styles
- Downloading of the area shown in the selected raster file in different formats and parameters
- The details of the layer generation process are displayed in a dialog box
- Query by location and query by list of known geographic objects
- Animation of temporary series


- Very fast (answers in less than a second)
- Very small (2Mb). Do not need any DLL or OCX. Standard CGI technology
- Powerful. Works with very large layers (raster and vector):
  · Orthophotos 1: 5000 of Catalonia (0.5 m pixel size). Raster layer of 50 GPixel
  · SRTM 90 m (3"). Raster layer of 30 GPixel
  · Land Cover Map (MCSC) +700,000 polygons
  · Semitransparent style
  · ODBC connection to alphanumeric databases
  · The real data can be prepared via MiraMon compressed maps(MMZ) through WCS or WMS
  · It is also possible to provide GeoTiff formats, JPEG georeferenced, Idrisi Kilimanjaro, etc. through WCS
  · Mmonolayer or multilayer mode
  · The response to a GetMap request can be a GIF, JPEG, PNG, etc.
  · The response to a GetFeatureInfo request is a formatted HTML document. The appearance is very similar to the response to a query by location in the MiraMon Professional

Download Price (license for one server): 2100.00€
Special Price: (license for one server) and Permanent certifier (Internet Map Publisher): 3200.00€

Download the license for one server
Download the license for one server and the permanent certifier Internet Map Publisher


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