MiraMon Map Servers

Covid-19 Global Map

ECOPotential Protected Areas from Space

Catalan Data Cube

Climatic Map Viewer - DinaClive project

SatCat: Landsat satellite image server of Catalonia

Land cover Map Viewer - DinaClive project

Land Cover Map of Catalonia

Climatic Map Viewer - ACAPI project

Land cover Map Viewer - ACAPI project

Socioeconomic Data Viewer - ACAPI project

Digital Climatic Atlas of the Iberian Peninsula

Map Server of Andorra

Climatic Atlas of Aragon

Digital monitoring cartography of Doñana Natural Park

EUROPARC Protected Natural Spaces Browser

Andorra Forest Fire Hazard Map

Sistema d'Informació Geogràfica del litoral de Catalunya. SIGPesca

THALASSA: Surface temperature (SST) and chlorophyll maps server in the Catalan maritime environment

The World: Soil Covers, Elevations and Administrative Limits
Mediterranean and Middle East socio-economic atlas