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Documents related to data and metadata standards


What we do for interoperability? Find out here


Implemented standards in MiraMon products

    GML: MiraMon Professional, Universal Reader and MiraMon Map Server

    KML: MiraMon Professional and Universal Reader

    OWS Context: MiraMon Map Browser (MiraMon Professional and Universal Reader in progress)

    Web Map Server: All products

    Web Map Tile Service: All products

    Web Coverage service (v 1.0): MiraMon Map Browser and MiraMon Map Server

    Web Feature service: MiraMon Map server

    Web Processing service: MiraMon Map Server

    Symbology encoding: MiraMon export module

    ISO29500-2 Open Package Conventions: MiraMon Professional, Universal Reader and MMZ module.

    ISO19115 metadata model: All products

    ISO19139 XML encoding: MiraMon Metadata Manager (GeMM)

Participation in interoperability experiments.

    OpenGIS Web Services 6 contributions: WMTS server an client implementations

    OpenGIS Web Services 7 contributions: WPS service server implementations and testing client

    OpenGIS Web Services 9 contributions: WMS-Q Engineering Report

    OpenGIS Web Services 10 contributions: Provenance and Annotation Engineering Reports (still ongoing)

Participation in standardization processes

    WMS and WMTS: Chair and regular participation in standardization meetings. Editors of WMTS

    Result: OpenGIS Web Map Tile Service Implementation Standard

    WCS: Regular participation in standardization meetings. Editors of the GMLCov for JPEG2000

    GMLJP2: Regular participation in standardization meetings. Editors of the GMLJP2 v2.0

    Geospatial User Feedback: Charter members of this group created as a result of the GeoViQua project.

    Spanish representatives in ISO TC211.


Dissemination of stardardization

    ILAF leadership

    WCS and WFS tutorials for GEO


    - Masó J, Zabala A, Pons X (2010) Combining JPEG2000 Compressed Formats and OGC Standards for Fast and Easy Dissemination of Large Satellite Data. Italian journal of Remote Sensing, 42(3): 101-114.

    - Masó J, Pons X, Zabala A (2012) Tuning the second-generation SDI: theoretical aspects and real use cases. International Journal of Geographical Information Science 26(6): 983-1014. DOI: 10.1080/13658816.2011.620570.

    - Masó J, Pons X, Zabala A (2014) Building the World Wide Hypermap (WWH) with a RESTful architecture. International Journal of Digital Earth 7(3): 175-193. DOI:10.1080/17538947.2012.669414.

    - More publications


Other materials


- Santos Preciado, J.M. (2004) "Funcionamiento del programa MiraMon. Aplicación para la realización de ejercicios prácticos de carácter medioambiental y/o territorial. Cuaderno de Prácticas". (60105CP01A01) UNED. Madrid. 167 p. ISBN: 84-362-4822-8. Language: Spanish

More info:

- Also related from the same author:

    - Santos Preciado, J.M. (2004) "Sistemas de información geográfica. Unidad didáctica". (60105UD01A01) UNED. Madrid. 460 p. ISBN: 84-362-2006-4. Language: Spanish

    - Santos Preciado, J.M. (2002) "El tratamiento informático de la información geográfica". UNED. Madrid. 380 p. ISBN: 84-362-4626-8. Language: Spanish

    - Santos Preciado, J.M. (2004) "Sistemas de información geográfica. Guía Didáctica". (60105GD01A01) UNED. Madrid. 53 p. Language: Spanish

    - Santos Preciado, J.M. (2006) "Las tecnologías de la información y de la comunicación y el modelo virtual formativo: nuevas posibilidades y retos en la enseñanza de los SIG". GeoFocus (Artículos), nº 6, p.113-137A. Language: Spanish

      - Santos Preciado, J. M. y  Cocero Matesanz, D. (2006) "Los SIG raster en el campo medioambiental y territorial. Ejercicios prácticos con Idrisi y MiraMon". Cuaderno de Prácticas, UNED, 430 páginas ISBN:9788436253030. Language: Spanish

Conference slides

Cartografía gratuita y software libre. La posición y el futuro de MiraMon. Ciclo de Conferencias "Luis Carreño". Institut de Geomàtica. Joan Masó (PDF en castellano).


Data CD-ROM and classroom slides

Data CD-ROM and classroom slides of MiraMon courses. They are provided to each student attending MiraMon courses.

COCERO MATESANZ, D. y SANTOS PRECIADO, J.M. (2011): Los SIG raster: realización de ejercicios prácticos. CEMAV, UNED (DVD).


Tutorial videos

Correction of Sentinel images with MiraMon: Download video


Generic questions:
Questions or suggestions using MiraMon: and MiraMon English users forum:

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