Animating OGC-WMS client

J. Masó and Pons, X.

OpenGIS Web Map Service (OGC-WMS) is a technology specification that allows to get maps from an specific WMS compliant server. These maps are static representations (pictures) of an specific geospacial database. Most of the web clients represent these maps in a static frame where, in some cases, they are able to overlap different layers from different sources. Nevertheless, when you have the same layer in several different moments along the time, it is better to show every still (map) as part of a movie.

We present a WMS client that have the ability to combine maps in an animated movie. The client is fully developed in JavaScript and has these features:

Every still map is queried to the server as a separated image and stored in memory as an image array and shown one by one dated in a vertical frame as a film. Then you have the opportunity to remove some pictures or play the animation in the main frame. This solution has been successfully applied to a Landsat ETM+ and TM color composites series of 50 images from 2002 to 2004. In this example it is specially important to be able to remove images having clouds, or bad reception.

This is a functionality residing on the client side of the integrated WMS-WCS MiraMon web client -web server solution.

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