CaMM, MiraMon Metadata Catalog for geospatial data: a Corporative Implementation

Julią N., Masó J. and Zabala A.

A solution for cataloging geospatial metadata and a web search interface for a corporative collection of datasets has been designed and implemented as a web service.

The tool (CaMM) is a Win32 application that fills a database designed to be compliant with the schema and core elements of ISO 19115 and, in addition, to include extended information (the model used by MiraMon Metadata and Database Relationships Manager, GeMM) like remote sensing parameters, hierarchical keywords and the alphanumeric database description.

CaMM features:

Search interfaces that follow the OpenGis Catalog Services Specification can be implemented for these database. Our CGI tool (developed in C) behave as a portal to a web service that allows: The use of these tools has been proven useful for quickly accessing filtered information, for locating metadata errors and deficiencies and correcting them on-the-fly via hyperlinks, for detecting geospatial data redundancies or lack of data, etc.

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