Universal Geospatial Metadata Manager. GeM+

GeM+ is a powerful and intuitive application for Windows that allows you to create, manage and edit metadata from very diverse sets of geographic information, whether we have access to the data or not. If we have data access (for example, to a TIFF that contains an image of interest) the GeM+, which is able to read the most common formats, will dynamically transfer to the metadata some information extracted from the data itself, thus avoiding transfer errors and keeping the information always consistent and automatically updated. This will help in increasing the productivity of your metadata editing.

Allows to document XML metadata of geographic information datasets available in any of the usual formats (such as a TIFF) or in a geospatial database (Oracle SDO). In case we don't have access to the data we can also type in all the information like in the old conventional editors.

Allows to work offline without an Internet connection.

GeM+ is distributed at no cost and doesn't require installation.

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