Buffer creation without fusion of output poligons

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Buffer creation without fusion of output poligons

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I'm trying to make a buffer distance of a layer of roads where there is a field with a code, I selected the field with the code so the layer maintains the resulting polygons as independent non-intersected ones if the code number is different.
I do not know if I have misunderstood it because the resulting layer has a single polygon with all the buffer areas fused.
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Re: Buffer creation without fusion of output poligons

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The FIELD option is only available for rasters (.img files). If you pay attention FIELD button becomes gray when you change the resulting file extension from .img to .pol. However, you must know that the field is used to make a preliminary selection of entities to consider when making the buffer and thus does not fit what you want to do, which I understand is a buffer merging only the polygons that share certain value in one of its attributes.
The problem is that BuffDist generates intersecting polygons as an intrinsic part of the process of the buffer zone creation, so the merge cannot be avoided when using the tool. Thus, it is not posible to obtain intersected polygons with BuffDist.

In order to achieve your goal with MiraMon you will need to chain the following processes:
  1. Create a layer containing only arcs sharing a code value, for each different code in the layer (VecSelec).
  2. Generate buffer polygons for each layer previously created (BuffDist).
  3. Merge all layers into a single buffer layer containing all the resulting polygons (CombiCap).
If you have more than 3 or 4 codes, you probably want to create a BAT that automates the process, covering all available codes and launching your BuffDist and VecSelec process for each of them.

You can find information about BAT at MiraMon help: Appendix> MiraMon support modules > Write BAT files from the Windows MSA interface