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FUM • Library downloading and Internet Explorer 11
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Library downloading and Internet Explorer 11

Publicat: dj., 13 març 2014, 13:50
Autor: Daniel
The last update of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 has made ​​asynchronous file downloads to rot memory and cannot be opened.

The symptom is a message of this kind:

"I can not open the file lti_dsdk_cdll.dll. It Performs an invalid access to memory location"

While we publish an update for MiraMon to use a different method to avoid this problem, you can manually download some of those libraries MiraMon modules are dependant. You must copy the downloaded files to the MiraMon installation directory (typically C:\MiraMon\ ) :

MrSid, JPEG2000, Microsoft C Runtime Library, ArcSDE, SDE
http://www.miramon.uab.cat/mmupdate/v5/ ... /index.htm

ECW, ECWP (up to version 7.0k):
http://www.miramon.uab.cat/mmupdate/v5/ ... /index.htm

ECW, ECWP (from version 7.0k):
http://www.miramon.uab.cat/mmupdate/v7/ ... /index.htm

You can write down the name of the files MiraMon is trying to download, and look them up in the pages above mentioned.

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