MiraMon Upgrade Service. MUS

MiraMon is a software in constant development. The MiraMon Upgrade Service (MUS) is a support mechanism that allows the registered users to upgrade the MiraMon application and its additional modules (MSA) themselves using only a web browser. This service is targeted only to the registered users of MiraMon Professional. Users of the MiraMon Map Reader can also get new versions of the Reader from the MiraMon Map Reader portal.

Users ALREADY registered to MUS

If you are MiraMon users and you are already subscribed to the MiraMon Upgrade Service go to:

Users NOT registered to MUS

If you are registered users of MiraMon and want to access the MiraMon Upgrade Service you need a username and a password. You can get it by filling out the form and we will send it to you by email later. (Not necessary for users from public administration, research centers and students from Catalonia, or the academic version for students and educational and research centers from anywhere in the world.