MiraMon Internet Map Publisher

In order to publish maps on the Internet that can be free viewed with certification of autorship and integrity with the MiraMon Map Reader, you need to acquire a license of the MiraMon Internet Map Publisher. There are two ways to generate certified MMZ files, publishable on the Internet.

Puntual certification

This option is suitable if you want an occasional publication of a small number of maps. In this case you can create with the MiraMon Professional each map (MMM files) that you want to publish, convert them into MMZ files and send them by email or ftp, indicating which name you want to show in the certification. We will return them certified and ready for use in your HTML pages on the Internet-Intranet.

Permanent certification

This option is suitable for making an unlimited publication of maps in your name. We will send to you an application to certify as many maps as needed. In this case you don't need to have any additional interaction with us, which allows to generate certified maps even dynamically on demand from an HTML form.

Price and download

Pack of 10 puntual certifications: 229 Euro

Permanent certification (Internet Map Publisher): 1836 Euro

Special price: MiraMon Map Server license + Permanent certification (Internet Map Publisher): 3200 Euro