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MiraMon was first developed in 1984, initially for teaching and research purposes in a university context. From the beginning has been developed in C language, strictly ANSI C for console modules (non-GUI), adding the Windows API functions (Application Programming Interface) for the GUI modules that includes the main program (MiraMon Profesional) for displaying, querying, printing, editing, etc. The only exception of the C development, is the client of the MiraMon Map Browser that is developed with JavaScript. Note that the MiraMon Map Server is a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) also developed in C language.


During these years, MiraMon has accumulated a huge amount of code lines, which includes general libraries, for example: file management, strings, memory management, matrix algebra, generic mathematical functions, communications, graphical features, etc, but also libraries specialized in the field of Geographic Information Science: Topology, Geoservices, Remote Sensing, Geostatistics, Photogrammetry, Geodesy, Standardization, etc. These functions have often a scientific and innovative basis that has resulted in dozens of international publications in the fields mentioned above. The value of these lines of code in terms of effort is incalculable: many hours of programming, analysis and redesign, validation, debugging, error correction, adaptation to new formats and processes, etc. The choice of programming in C has an important role in the effort spent (C language is of high level and doesn't give many facilities to the programmer), but is also the key to success in achieving an efficient management of memory resources and a highly optimized runtime.


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