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The course we offer is a course of spatial analysis. The theoretical concepts of the GIS analysis: map algebra, vector superposition, transfer of attributes, multi-criteria analysis, etc. will be introduced.

This knowledge will be implemented with multiple exercises using in depth the specific analysis tools of the MiraMon GIS.
Emphasize that the analysis is not limited to raster world; one of the main characteristics of MiraMon tools is its potential to work interchangeably with raster and vector layers.

 Concepts of GIS analysis
 Prior conditions for analysis
    Combined raster-vector analysis
    MiraMon GIS analysis tools

 Raster & vector calculator/reclassifier
Features and capabilities
    Map algebra
    Proper use of the background value (NODATA)
    Execution settings

 Layer crossing
    Features and capabilities
    Raster perspective: thematic crossing
    Vector Perspective: overlay vector and attribute transfer

 Statistical analysis
    Database, table or query field statistics
    Groups of records (simple and combined) statistics
    Raster values (DTM) statistics for poligons

 Distance maps
    Buffers and continuous maps

1 Interpolation Methods
 Multi-criteria analysis
    Previous concepts
    Criteria classification

Schedule: from 10:30 to 14:30, with 30' break
Duration: 4 days, 4 hours/day (16 hours total)
Places: 16 (1 computer per person)

CREAF (Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications)
C building (Faculty of Sciences)
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona)

Price: 307 € (30% discount for former students), includes notes and examples covered in the course.

Enrolment through the MiraMon purchase website, communicating the payment method:
VISA / MASTERCARD, bank transfer or nominal check

The payment by VISA / MASTERCARD can be completed directly through the website or by fax, the bank transfer must be made in person to the account number indicated and the check should be sent by mail to complete the purchase.

Do not forget to provide your name when formalizing the deposit or transfer and to send by fax (+34 93 581 4151) or email ( proof of the transfer.

Registration is strictly by order of payment

MIRAMON analysis course

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